In The Beginning

20 Sep

Well, I guess not the true “beginning” per se, but the beginning of being a big sister was 16 years ago for me. There’s been plenty of craziness over all these years, living in over a dozen different houses in at least four different states, and two different countries,  but through it all, my family has been there around me, steadily growing bigger, and closer together.

I was definitely jealous of Alyssa when I was little (and still am now, on occasion). She took attention away from me, and whenever she did something I enjoyed doing, and did better than I could, it would frustrate me. (I would usually simply move on and find something new to do.) Much later I learned that imitation was a form of flattery, but as a kid, it just annoyed me. 😛 Now, 16 years after making me a big sister for the first time, she’s my best friend, and also my stylist. 🙂

So, that’s my beginning of being a big sister – jealousy.

It’s interesting for me to look back now, at 18. I can’t even imagine my life without Alyssa, not to mention all my other siblings. They’ve taught me about patience, kindness, the power of a simple smile, forgiveness, to be fair in deals, to look at the big picture, and also to look at the little things, and so many other lessons besides, but most of all, they’ve showed me love.

A random hug or kiss from any one of my siblings lifts my spirit so much. Sammy especially lately – he’ll come running over to give me an extra hug, just because, as he says, “I know it makes you happy.” 🙂

And now, I’m writing this blog, to tell the story of adoption from my view, from This Big Sister, as I become a big sister once again. 🙂


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